Madras Eye or Pinkeye

Madras Eye.

Pinkeye or conjunctivitis (also known as Madras Eye) is probably one of the most contagious infections that exists today. It can be extremely painful or mildly painful, depending on how serious it is. Anecdotally, a lot of people find this to be really scary and often try to avoid people with a pinkeye as much as possible. This creates quite a serious problem since people with the infection begin to focus less on the solution, and more on the embarrassment they’re getting as a result of the infection.
The good thing about this is that it can actually be treated in your own home. That’s right, increasingly, people are opting for home treatment for madras eye – firstly this removes and problem of embarrassment since you’ll be dealing with the problem sitting from your own home. Secondly, it works out a lot less expensive in comparison to getting treatment. But before we discuss home treatment for pinkeye, it is constructive to look into some of the possible causes.

madras eye

Madras eye can result from an infection, an allergic reaction, and/or an irritant such as stray eyelash. It really can happen to anyone, although it has been reported that some parts of the world, and more specifically some cities/states tend to have more cases of conjunctivitis than others. This is possibly because of the weather and/or the environment in those given cities/states.
In terms of home treatment for pinkeye, you can begin by removing your contact lenses – switch to spectacles for a few days while you cure yourself. Eye drops, which you should be able to get from a local pharmacy, will also help reduce the soreness in your eyes. You can wipe your eyes softly, using cotton – make sure you regularly wash your hands: you’ll be surprised as to the sheer amount of bacteria that exists in our world! Wipe your eyes very gently – do not rub it harshly even if it feels ‘itchy’; you’ll only make it worse.
Some people also suggest placing a cold cucumber on your eyes when you close them and rest; this however has not been proven to work but nonetheless, may be worth trying.
If you still have a pinkeye after trying home remedies for madras eye, it will be almost imperative for you to visit a doctor since it may well be something a lot more serious. These tend to be fairly rare cases, but it never hurts to see a doctor!
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Disclaimer: information on this webpage is subjective. It is not the opinion of a professional medical practitioner, or a doctor. However, credible sources including the British National Health Services (NHS) have been used for research in this article. You should always consult a doctor before you take on any medication of any form

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